Where Are We Heading?

If you have been following any of the news as of late, you already know where we are headed, but if not, I encourage you to click here. This will lead you directly to CNN with graphs and all the data you could possibly need to see exactly where we are headed. To me, it is frightening to say the least.

May I remind you, this isn’t the end? I’ll admit, it seems like the end is near – but it isn’t and every single day I hear more horrifying things on the radio… but there isn’t a reason to give up hope yet. We must keep fighting, in anyway we can.

Here is one small way, happening tomorrow. All you have to do is MAIL A POSTCARD. It’s that simple. The postcard is to President Donald J Trump informing him, signed by you that he is FIRED! It is dubbed the Ides of March and has over 1 million participants already. His address is

Donald J. Trump President (for now)
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Click on the postcard link to find all the details you need to do to be involved in the movement. You can also be involved in other movements locally, by joining with friends and family in being involved in protests, or calling governors and senators (or mailing postcards) based on house bills that are currently going on that you disagree/agree with. Make your voice heard. it DOES matter, and every little thing WILL make a difference, even if it doesn’t seem that way.

Here is another bill that is working it’s way through congress and must be stopped, make your voice known. Read about it and I encourage you to write someone you know about it. I personally, chose to write McCain a postcard since I have written him before and my wife has actuallly received a response when she has written him before.


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