Feeling Safe in An Unsafe World

How does one feel safe in an unsafe world? Things are not safe. Trump keeps overturning laws which should not be overturned. Why did he have to go and overturn that bathroom law? Why does it effect you that a person who is transgender can’t use the bathroom they SHOULD be using? I am not transgender. I was born female, always knew I was female although I dress like a guy.  I often still get mistaken for a guy because of my mohawk and the way I dress… but are you kidding me?

These are the people who want to be able to carry their guns in public who overturned this law. Somehow, that is safe, but a person being able to use the bathroom that best fits them isn’t. If that makes sense to you, explain it to me, because it makes no sense at all to me. I grew up in a very conservative family. I grew up with super conservative Christian parents who took me to church twice a week and sometimes even more often. I was told being gay was a sin and something that was chosen, although I knew very young that was not true because I had “unnatural” feelings for as long as I could remember.

You learn things by growing up this way. You learn what not to be like, what is and what isn’t right. You learn how to accept things that can’t be changed. How to accept that there are and will always be people who will never understand you. They will always judge you. They will always think they are better than you, that you are an outsider, that you are a sinner… but that isn’t really your problem, is it? It’s theirs. There’s this thing called freedom. And when you realize that you can obtain it without actually needing anyone else to do so, that’s where you find safety, where you find peace in a chaotic and unsafe world.

The hard part is letting go of everyone’s opinions of you and everyone’s judgements. Sometimes, it helps to carry a knife, or mace, or maybe even a gun (although I don’t suggest the latter)… but to find peace you really have to find it in yourself. I know things are crazy right now, but center yourself. It helps to go outside into nature. Get away from all the noise, into the the woods and hear the birds singing, no radios, no cars, and just take a walk and forget about the chaotic, crazy thing called America. Forget it for 30 minutes, an hour. 3 hours. Relax. Meditate. And Find that safe place inside you. You’ll feel better, I promise.




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