Revolution, Now.

Somehow yesterday my entire post I wrote got deleted… So, that’s fun. I don’t even know what I wrote anymore. So, this is my new post. I’ll just ramble like I always do, I’m sure it won’t be as eloquent as yesterday… for that I apologize.

Things here in the states have been erupting, with all the politics going on, Trump signing executive orders left and right, not even realizing or thinking about what he is actually signing. It seems Bannon is just sliding pieces of paper across his desk and he simply signs them with a nod, not realizing the shock effect he is causing. Or maybe he is and it’s all part of some bigger, more twisted plan.

We’ve seen this before. In smaller bits, in this proud country. And in a great disaster in another country. It doesn’t need to be named, you know what I’m talking about. Hopefully, Americans won’t let it get to that point and will see what is happening and will halt it in it’s tracks. Be brave, friends. Fear is the enemy, not each other.

I found out yesterday the republicans have repealed the law that keeps people with mental disorders from purchasing guns. This looks good for me. Although I do not believe in owning a gun, it looks like now the door has opened for me to purchase one. And with a revolution fast approaching and realizing that people like me are the only ones who don’t have any weaponry… We should probably arm ourselves now because we don’t really want to be caught off guard when they come for us, if it gets that far… do we? Just a thought.

In other news, We should continue peacefully protesting, as I do every chance I get. With my voice, and my signs. With no damage to other humans or to property of any sort. We must take a stand. We all know Trump is an evil man who thinks only of himself and of how he can put more money into his own pocket… but this needed to happen, friends. If Hillary had become president, we all would’ve remained complacent to what is going on around us. Stumbling around pretending everything is just fine when really it hasn’t been. I bet you didn’t know that Obama deported more people than any other president? Now, don’t hate me for saying that…. I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I am a Centrist who favors the left side… I am also aware. I have been aware, but not awake for quite some time.

I woke up when Trump decided to run for president and realized, just before he was elected what was going to happen and that it needed to happen. We NEEDED this. This is how a revolution happens. Together, we can come together as a great nation and break all of our stupid divisions and stop looking at colors of skin, and religions, and sexual orientations and realize we are ALL THE SAME. we are all humans struggling to breathe. So, come together as one people and stand for your rights. Don’t stand for the travesty that is now happening. Speak love and truth and peace. I will stand with you. #theravenofgrandcanyon


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