Evil Begets Evil

I have watched as Trump has begun the process of choosing his cabinet and transition team, in horror. Beginning with of course, the terror that is Bannon himself. The man, not even deserving of more than a last name… Look him up if you don’t believe me. And he was chosen as chief strategist. He continued to make poor choices such as choosing Betsy Devos as the Secretary of Education, a woman who doesn’t even believe in the public school system being put in charge of it. Yeah, that makes sense.

Next, he had the audacity to choose Jeff Sessions for Attorney General who basically stated that children with disabilities were the cause of “the decline in civility and discipline in classrooms all over America.” There are SEVERAL other unmentionables (‘Mad Dog’ Mattis) in the list he has formed and not yet finished. To this I am simply baffled. Everyday I find myself wondering and trying to be brave, but wondering what will happen to this country over the next four years. How will it change? Will it still be America? Will what America once was ever be again? I fear it will change completely and there will be such things only my nightmares have seen before.

And yet I will get through it, because we are not alone. The sky seems dark now, but there is light still behind the clouds and we are never completely alone. We have each other. There are many good people left here. And we will not stand idle and let our country fall apart. We will not just let our rights be thrown away and let hate rule and run rapid. We will stand up for each other and will be strong. Love one another, and if you see someone lashing out and if you see someone afraid, offer your hand and your heart and remind them they are not alone.



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