Brainwashing Is Common


Brainwashing is a lot more common than most people want to believe. It begins mostly when you are children. It can happen in a variety of different ways spanning over many belief systems and religions.

Christian brainwashing begins almost immediately after exiting the womb. I would know. I was born into a conservative Christian family. I have struggled with my sexuality my entire life because of it. I was told that being attracted to the same sex was “unnatural” or a “phase.” I was told Hell awaited me if I continued down this path of unrighteousness. My first so-called experiment with the same sex, that I can recall, was probably around the age of 8. It doesn’t matter what happened or how, what matters is I knew all along that I just didn’t care what sexual organs a person had. I always knew what mattered to me was a person’s character, their spirit, their heart.

My parents realized when I was young there was “something wrong” with me. It wasn’t until I was 14 years old I decided to come out of the closet. I told my parents at that time I was bisexual (I hadn’t yet heard the term pansexual, which I discovered at 16). It was at that time I also got expelled from a Christian school for being in an inappropriate relationship with another girl. Soon after, my parents put me through rigorous Christian counseling and therapy sessions. None, of course, worked.

They chose to believe that I was living a life of “sin” because they did not understand that something as basic as sexuality is never a choice. Because of overwhelming pressure from my parents and other Christians around me, I chose to go back into the closet when I was around 18. I chose to just be with men, because to me it didn’t matter what they had between their legs, like I said before I am pansexual. Unfortunately, I ended up dating a very unbecoming man and even said yes to a proposal of marriage. I can honestly say, this was me attempting to save my own soul, to listen to the overwhelming demands of the conservative Christians surrounding me.

Long story short, I never did marry him. And it wasn’t until 2011 I reemerged from the closet and accepted who I really was. It was even later that I finally found contentment in both my faith and my sexuality, in fact it was last year. I was struggling because I was in love with the woman I since married and was still concerned about my soul. It takes a lot to break through all the negative voices you’ve heard your entire life and hear that one small, still voice telling you love is bigger than fear. G-d said love would set me free, and it has. And I am eternally grateful for the blessings I have received.




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