Beside Time


am I the only one who feels like it is really impossible that G-d loves each of us individually? He cares so much, He reaches us in a way only He could. Am I the only person who feels like I just don’t deserve it? I don’t deserve that much time, that much attention?

I said this to my wife the other day. You know what she said? She basically told me I was ignorant for thinking such a thing, because G-d exists outside of time. That really hit the mark. G-d exists outside of time. Time is only here, on this planet. Each planet has it’s own time. And our Creator exists outside of all of it.

Stop thinking that G-d is some huge being above the clouds, and start seeing Him in the tiny things around you… because He is speaking and reaching out to every single one of us at every single moment. He wants a relationship… and remember… to Him, it’s not time because He exists outside of it. It’s simply who He is.

Luke 12:7



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