The Mountain Vs. The Valley


Everyone who is a Christian knows what it is like to be on the mountain. Or in the valley. The mountain is where you feel completely connected to G-d, life just makes sense. A relationship with your Creator seems simple, open and available. Things in life are going well. Then, that time fades and you find yourself in the valley. It’s where I have found myself for the past few months. I loathe the valley. My life feels vacant, meaningless. I no longer feel that strong connection with my Maker, where He seems to be walking each step with me and telling me what to do and where to go. It’s hard.

That’s where faith comes in. If we lived always on the mountain, we wouldn’t need faith. The word faith wouldn’t even exist, because it would be obvious that there is a God who loves us. We need the low points, the points where we don’t feel like He’s there… because it proves where our hearts lie. Do we hang on to faith, or abandon it? Faith is hoping for things unseen. Or unfelt. Sometimes, the only thing you can do is hang on fast to your beliefs and press on. Who knows how long you will be in the valley?

But, eventually, you’ll see summits again.

Psalm 23:4



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