Grace Like Rain


It’s been a stormy week. Literally. Lots of thunderstorms crashing through Flagstaff.

This week I had 3 separate doctor appointments, two of which finally lead to me getting my SMI determination (that is, Serious Mental Illness). It is something that state of Arizona does for its residents which allows those people who have a mental illness who cannot function without their medications to get them for free or at an reduced rate. This means, if the person (which happens to be me) ever loses insurance again, I’m covered.

I am so blessed to have finally received this. It literally took weeks of multiple doctor appointments, but now that it passed I was able to pick up my meds for free for the first time yesterday. Zero co-pay. Even with my insurance I have through my work company, it was still a $40 cost. In case you were wondering, I have schizoaffective disorder, or bipolar. They have been bouncing back and forth between the actual diagnosis for years. Either way, I have been stable since around 2008 with the meds I am currently on. The only time I had trouble was when I didn’t get insurance in time and ended up going to Urgent Care or the ER for the prescriptions. This is the main reason I qualified for it.

The third doctor appointment was with a dermatologist because I discovered a lump. I was happy to discover it is just a cyst and have been doing my best to treat it without having anyone cut into it. That just doesn’t appeal to me.


I am just saying I am happy and feel extremely grateful for what I have been given. I know if I move out of AZ I will have to get reevaluated, but I’m not worried. As the rain falls, I will only see grace.

John 16:33, Philippians 4:6-7

(photo is from the Rain Room in the MoMA)


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