My Yoke Is Easy, My Burden Light


“All of you, take up My yoke and learn from Me, because I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for yourselves.  For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” – Matthew 11:29-30 (HCSB)

We all have bad days. We all have days where our bodies are too tired, our hearts are too heavy, where all the world seems to be pressing against us. It’s not actually supposed to be this way. The words above, spoken by Jesus, tells us many things in not too many words. It mainly tells us that although we may have some difficulties, that what we need to remember and focus on is the good things. The good things are what comes from G-d. He believes in blessings, not curses. If you ever feel cursed, realize this isn’t coming from G-d. This isn’t coming from Him at all. Remember that sometimes the world is a cruel place, full to the brim with evil people who have evil intentions.

It isn’t how it should be. In the Garden of Eden, at the beginning of this Earth’s time, there was perfect peace between the people who resided there and the natural world about them. The animals could communicate with the humans, the plants could communicate with the humans, even the plants with the animals perhaps, who knows for sure? We were never supposed to be disconnected from the natural world. From our earth. We were supposed to work with her, so she would provide for us and us for her. We were supposed to take care of each other.

Life isn’t supposed to be so hard. What if I told you all this time, Jesus was really saying He took all of our problems, He carried all of our struggles, bore all of our sins so we could live a life in perfect harmony? What if I told you this life is a gift? Would you believe me?

Maybe the main reason we as human beings are struggling so hard and everything is so difficult is because we are fighting our natural intuitions. Maybe if we weren’t basically raping our planet, she wouldn’t be reacting so violently and maybe we would have a longer life ahead of us. I believe we are killing the Earth and as a result, she is killing us. It’s almost time for her to begin again, to start over. Perhaps even, to never start again. I do believe the end is coming soon, but please realize when G-d uses the word “soon” or “quick” that He is speaking from a place without time. Time only exists on this planet, here. On other planets time is completely different. And where G-d is, time doesn’t exist at all. Try to remember that the next time you attempt to predict the end of the world.

All who have predicted when the end comes were wrong. And all who still predict it will continue to be wrong. The Seventh-Day Adventists didn’t call it “The Great Disappointment” for no reason.

All I’m trying to say, is count your blessings. Realize what a gift the present is. Realize why it was even called “the present.” Discover the good things, reject the negative and move on with your life. One baby step at a time.


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