Fear-Crazed Christians Should be Avoided


Isaiah 41:10, 1 John 4:18

I have found a common theme among the Christians of my time, and of my parent’s time, and even the generation before that. They have grasped fear instead of love. How strange. The Bible says over and over again so clearly that fear is the opposite of faith. Fear binds up, holds back, imprisons¬†into a state where human beings were never supposed to be. Why do so many Christians continuously throw fear onto others? Why do they try to put fear onto those they disagree with, those they don’t understand?

Honestly, I believe when people do this type of thing, it is more a power issue and less about faith or spirituality. G-d isn’t someone you can control, you can not choose for yourself a group of individuals and call them condemned. As a Christian, I was called to love. And perfect love casts out all fear. I do not believe that G-d has ever told us to condemn someone. Yes, there are many verses in the Old Testament that seem that way. However, all of these verses are directed at a specific people during a very specific time.

If you really delve into the New Testament, into Jesus’ words and works, you simply discover that any form of condemnation is the exact opposite of what He wanted.

For me, leaving the judging up to G-d is the easiest thing in the world. And yet the hardest. It is like trying to move a stone with one hand, but your other hand is trying to hold it back. I have a hard time not getting angry with fellow believers who cast down other people. Who basically throw stones. It is extremely hard for me to take such Christians seriously. I often wonder if we read the same Bible. I know we do, but apparently they have misread or misquoted or something and are missing the redemption of Jesus. I find this incredibly sad.

All I’m trying to say by this entire post, is try harder to love and try less to instill fear. The more fear you instill on others, the more you will push away G-d’s children. And that is not your job.


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