All Are Created Equal


Yesterday, I got to meet a couple of individuals who are pretty much outcasts in society. Both are homeless, and in the process of getting from California to the southern states. Sapphire is 3 months pregnant and was born a hermaphrodite. Her parents decided at birth she would be a girl, so they got rid of the extra bit. She is now bisexual and you can tell she has resentment at her parents for that early decision. Joe is a giant at 7 feet 5 inches, I had no idea he was so tall until after about 15 minutes of talking he stood up. They are both normal people, just like you.

People of all kinds are so quick to judge others. We have to realize that the Creator created all of us, even the ones some people would call “freaks.” Here is truth, it is not our duty to judge what G-d has called His. He creates all types of people, from giants to people born blind. There is no flaw in a human for being born a specific way. What makes a human “evil” is the type of person they actually are, their character. There are some evil people in the world. I can think of a few. Hitler is most prominent in my memory.

As Robin Hood, you meet all types of people… and I will give to all and any type of people. And yes, I am going to look for what I need to help them on their travels. Left a care package where they sleep yesterday, hope to bring them more soon.



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