Other Sheep

only god

Matthew 7, John 10:14-16, Ephesians 2:11-14

When I read the words from the Bible I often see how they can be thrown out of context extremely easily. This is hard for me sometimes, because many Christians often misquote scripture at me. They will pull one verse out and say it at me, and then when I try to turn it around, to help them read the entire chapter in context to see what this verse is really about they get angry.

This is extremely difficult for me to continuously witness. It is hard on me mentally and physically. Especially, when you have someone screaming in your face that you are going to Hades.

I have to continuously remind myself, I am not here to judge. Jesus told us SO many times not to judge others. And by that He means, everyone. He doesn’t mean non-believers, He didn’t say that. He told us not to judge anyone, even those in our own faith who disagree with us. This is sometimes harder for me. It is so hard to close my mouth and to walk away, but sometimes it is the only thing to do. Often times I have found that Christians who have fallen into a place of anger, where they believe they are the only ones who are right… I have found that when discussing things with them, they have closed minds. Because their minds are closed their lights are dimmer than they are supposed to be.

If you take any belief system and automatically assume your way is the only way, you have lost the war. Do not close your minds to people who believe differently. And I mean, everyone. Meaning, do not shut yourself down from life just because some Christians are hurting you. Do not shut yourself down from life with all types of people. With Pagans or Atheists or Agnostics. These are labels.

This is the only label that matters. You are human.


2 thoughts on “Other Sheep

  1. I like the last sentence about just being human. Also the part about not closing your mind and being firm that you are right.
    How does this relate to your expression of christianity?
    Could you be wrong? Are you open to the possibility (you said all things are possible with god) that you are wrong in regards to christ and the bible?


    • I am open to any possibility, because I am human (just like you). humans often make mistakes. but I choose to believe my G-d because I have felt Them and still feel Them. it is impossible, for me, to believe anything else. but I will respect whatever anyone else believes. it is their choice.


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