Making A Difference, One Human Being at a Time


In June, I was blessed with a job I can use as a ministry.

You see, I work at an apartment complex, and I am the Porter. This means I deal with all of the trash of the entire complex. Now, let me tell you… The people who live here, some have quite a bit of money. And they literally throw away brand new items. Just yesterday I found a box full of clothes, 3 of which still had the tags. So, since I started that job I have literally been dumpster diving to retrieve good items and giving them away to the poor. At choir practice the other night, my wife informed me that this is a ministry. I have never actually realized it could be. Someone else in the church agreed with her.

And it made me realize something. Maybe I should do a message along with my giving. So, as of today, I am. I am including bits of 1 Corinthians 13 in the bag of whatever items they are getting. I think this will make a difference, no matter how small. Because maybe G-d doesn’t want me to move this world’s mountains, maybe He wants me to make a difference to each person I encounter. And that, truly is, my goal.

1 Corinthians 13


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