What I do & What I Should Be Doing

Lately, G-d has been speaking to me in a way where there is such hope that it is almost hard to take in. First of all to realize, that the Creator actually cares enough to know me as well as He does. And secondly, to realize He wants the things for my life that I have always wanted for my life.

As of June , here are the things that have changed in my life that I am so thankful for:

  1. I got married to the love of my life.
  2. I started a job I actually like.
  3. I am able to use my job in a meaningful way (if you must know, ask me)
  4. I joined a church that I actually enjoy attending
  5. I started giving back to the community (homeless and struggling individuals)

Now, I feel like there is a lot more I need to be doing. Like this:

  1. Reaching out to prisoners or people who used to be prisoners
  2. Pursuing my photography with the passion I originally had, in a way that shows what the real world is like and how we can change it for the better.
  3. Meeting more people who are disabled (both physically or mentally) and being a friend to them
  4. Giving more to local food banks
  5. Witnessing to people the world has seen as “outcasts” (this is a very large group)

If I can do those 5 things as well as the first 5 I have begun, I feel like He has really moved me completely where I am supposed to be. I am so thankful for all I’ve been given. Truly, I am blessed.


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