We Are Tools

Each person was created, designed for a specific purpose… much like a tool. G-d didn’t just create us to live our lives in a way only for us. He didn’t design us to go to work, pay bills, and die. As children of a Creator, we were each given our own gifts that were meant just for us. We are all unique. And as clique as that sounds, it really does mean we are all different and have our purpose. That doesn’t mean because we are unique, no one is. You are unique. And I truly mean that.

Just like each tool in a toolbox has a different purpose, you were built for a specific purpose. Do you know what it is? Perhaps you have an excellent understanding of children. Perhaps you can draw and sketch things in a way that makes them look like a photograph. Maybe even you have an amazing work ethnic. All of these are gifts, no matter how small. A talent or an ability that someone else doesn’t have immediately makes that a gift.

I know why I was born. I was born to love the ones who the world would see as less than themselves. I was born to create a peaceful atmosphere around me, in the hearts I see everywhere. I am not average. I do not see the world as colors, as different shades of people, I see one race of humanity all looking for their purpose. I literally see the world as lights. I think this is how we are supposed to see the world. Then again, maybe it’s just for me. I don’t know. What I do know, is I was designed to overcome my obstacles and to keep joy within me like a flame. To run, to never give up, to keep going and keep loving even when those around me don’t return the favor.

I am proud to be a tool. And hope G-d will use me as He sees fit. Won’t you come with me… and be a tool, too?

Psalm 139:14, Isaiah 64:8, Mark 12:31, Jeremiah 18:6

28 Jan 2000, Sedgwick, Maine, USA --- Potter Manipulating Clay on Wheel --- Image by © Françoise Gervais/CORBIS

28 Jan 2000, Sedgwick, Maine, USA — Potter Manipulating Clay on Wheel — Image by © Françoise Gervais/CORBIS


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