the Inconvenience of Yahweh

G-d is not someone you can conveniently put into a box. Even if that box is in the shape of a cross or a book. G-d is bigger than anything you can imagine. Bigger than the Universe (He made it), bigger than your expectations (He exceeds them), bigger than your law (He broke them). G-d is inconvenient. He will break every boundary you put up, simply to say He can. He will challenge you, but when He gives you what seems to be a test… It is for good. And maybe it is a test. Maybe He put it there to make you stronger, to make you overcome.

And maybe, just maybe, He put it there to weed out the ones who wouldn’t be able to pass it.

We are all children of G-d, but that doesn’t mean all of us will hear His call. Some people will deny the truth, no matter what. And some people will avoid the truth because it is something shoved into their faces. See, G-d reaches people at levels no human could reach another human. He seeks out the most damaged, the most broken, and calls them by their name and says “Let me lift you up, child. There is more than this life.”

G-d looks for lights in the dark, literally. And literally we are lights in the dark. We are candles or burning embers or a black piece of coal not even lit yet. He still sees us. No matter what. One thing so amazing and awe inspiring about G-d is that He isn’t like us. Not even close. Yes, He made us… but He doesn’t see our bodies. Nope. He sees our hearts. And He judges us by them.

Matthew 13, 1 Samuel 16:7

Oxygen Volume 14


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