And Yet

just wrote this.

A thousand words later, still fighting that old feeling of regret
Watching as the ones I love tear me down with nothing but their tongues
How sad, this reality I have come to
The ones related by blood despise me, they turn their backs
Their shadows cast upon me, but I have hope yet
For as they start to walk away, the light returns
And I stand in sunshine again

I do not need your needless words, your promises of love
I have my own. And His words are louder and more profound
Proven by His endless mercy as it shines upon me,
by the light of the sun
by the light of the moon
by the thousands of stars that light up my nights
I am strengthened by His voice in the breeze,
by His strength in the storm.
I am comforted by the sound of His creation,
spinning, spinning around me

A thousand words later, I won’t fight with you anymore
I have found my freedom in the scars on His body –
and those scars have healed mine. I am clean.


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