Rebel Witness

Last night I had the challenge of running into a fellow Christian who was handing out religious flyers. She quickly came to me, I guess seeing the tattoos and piercings, and assuming I was going to Hell. Informed me “Jesus loves you” and handed me multiple flyers. I quickly said, I am Christian already thanks. Anyway, I went to her later and we started talking. She immediately expressed her outrage in the recent Supreme Court’s decision. I quickly tried to calm her and tell her, I am actually gay and that over there is my wife. It is possible to be Christian and gay.

I guess I totally blew her mind. We talked around 10 minutes, in circles I might add. She would start to agree with me on the love of Jesus and that if I had worked it all out with G-d and could stand before Him and know I was saved… And then literally a minute later quoting how homosexuality is an abomination. Eventually, I had to part ways, I told her “God bless.” And shook her hand, she saw me again later with her son and waved.

This kind of thing happens to me actually kind of frequently. A couple weeks ago I had the “pleasure” of one of my Christian friends who have known me for years, basically telling me Jesus was letting me go and that there was no hope for my soul… Than shunning me. It doesn’t matter that I had spent YEARS on them, supporting them when their band would play, taking photographs both live and promotional for free (and that is not something that is cheap, anyone who is a fellow photographer knows the cost time and energy is), being an ear in rough times, supporting and always loving. To be shunned so quickly over something as marginal as a disagreement. It saddens me to no end.

I guess I am just disappointed in people lately.jesus


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