Today is my Wedding Day

Today is supposed to be such a blessed day for me. Unfortunately, when I woke up I had some issues to deal with. The main being that my mother hasn’t even said to me “Congratulations.” I called her, hoping she had finally come around. I was wrong. She said she was praying for me and was even considering fasting.

I tried to make her step into my shoes and see that if her mother had told her it was wrong to be straight, she would understand my position. she missed my point and thought I was accusing HER of making me gay. like, that would even be possible. (btw, I am pansexual – I just happen to be marrying a woman today)

I ended up yelling and using profanity at my mother which I regret… but it is really hard for me. Especially, if you do a search in any Bible, especially older translations like King James (which I read) you will discover the word homosexual doesn’t even exist in it. Furthermore, if G-d has made each snowflake unique, do you really think He would be so small as to make each person not also unique?

I pray I can forgive my mother today. And hope my day goes better.


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