Born to Overcome

The biggest issue I have with the so-called “church.” One word. Pride. They are so consumed by what they think they know, they lose Jesus to religion. They change what was supposed to be a relationship, into religion. A man’s word. How sad. They stick so hard to what they believe is truth, they are closed to G-d’s unending love. They live their lives with huge egos, and lose beautiful Christ. Christ’s love is amazing.

Seriously. I feel like we are reading different Bibles. We kind of are, let me tell you. The OLDER the better, people. I am in the process of finding a Bible where it has the original languages and best translations side by side. I read KJV right now, now I understand that is hard for a lot of people to understand – but for me it’s pretty straight forward.

STOP CHANGING G-D! People, please! For Heaven’s sake, stop telling me “You can’t change God”… That’s right! I can’t! and wouldn’t want to! WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU?!?!!

Sigh. End rant for today.


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