jesus_cleans_temple11found a good concordance yesterday, ( it doesn’t even have the word homosexual in it. so appropriate since that word wasn’t in the Bible. it has sexual immorality, that is a separate thing than being a homosexual and why do so many Christians believe these newer translations that state it as an abomination?
I get it. conditioning. they are taught from a child to believe the Bible is this way, when really it was never meant to be. man changed it, not G-d. and the more people who realize that, the better.
they literally are being the crowds of people that Jesus himself told to drop those stones. He never said to throw them. the people all left, one by one, and who was left? Jesus and the woman (or the sinner), He judges people. How many verses are there about not judging people? Let me check…
286. There are aprox. 286 verses about leaving the judging up to G-d…


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