Sometimes I wonder if anyone sees the world the way I do. I honestly have no idea. I don’t exactly know how the world ends. I do know, that Jesus already died for my sins – and He already paid for my weight… So, maybe that is why I see the way I do. I simply do not know.

I do know… because of this great weight He has lifted from my shoulders, I am called to lift weights from other shoulders. I do know I have a reason for being here and maybe it’s just to let a little light into a dark place. This whole world is dark, but there are light places. Places you can call sanctuaries, but really light places can be anywhere you go…

If you really think about it, the G-d Almighty is actually inside you. Meaning, you can use those hand(s) you have there and touch someone and they will instantly see if they are blind. Miracles are not a joke. They are not something just from Bible times. They are for now. Jesus said “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons: freely you have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8). He didn’t say, let me do these things and that’s it. He said we have the power inside of us to do these things because He is inside of us.

The cross is a wonderful grace, it is literally a reason to live again… Let me preach, bro. Don’t run. He has carried away all of our burdens, so why do people want to “take up their crosses” ? It’s not how it’s supposed to be. Our crosses are dealing with this cruel world with grace. That is our cross. It’s not to change people, but to LOVE them.

“All that I have said about worldviews points toward one conclusion: Christians’ worldviews affect their theology. If Christians have a worldview that is affected by Western materialism, they will probably deny that signs and wonders are for today. Though they may use a theological rationale, the real issue is that it upsets their worldview. In contrast to this, a second group of Christians have a worldview affected by Western rationalism; they might acknowledge signs and wonders, but consign them to the irrational. These people seek signs and wonders for the thrill of the experience, as an end in itself. They do not understand the purpose of signs and wonders: to demonstrate the kingdom of God. If we believe in a theology that does not include the possibility of contemporary Christians doing the works of Jesus–including signs and wonders–we will not have a practice of signs and wonders.” -John Wimber


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