The 7 Spirits of G-d

Seven Spirits, Quick Look

I think that the Seven Spirits of G-d is often a missed part of the Bible. I am not sure exactly why. I have read it before, and have always thought it be true. It is from Revelation, I guess why so many people haven’t heard of it?

So often we focus on the Trinity, the Three-in-One – which is a good thing, believe me… but I think it is also relevant that the number 7 is used so often to describe G-d. It’s like yeah, G-d is the Father, the Son, and the Spirit – but G-d is also so much more than that.

I don’t know if I am crazy or just looking too deep into everything… but I swear to you there is a mathematical equation for everything in this entire Universe. Numbers make a lot of sense, I mean – why else would they be in the Bible SO often?

And that whole number of the beast thing. Well, 666… It’s pretty easy for me. I think it basically means well pride x3, but also on top of that. It is one number of an infinity of numbers. Meaning, G-d is the infinity and the beast is but one number…

End rant for today.7spirits


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