A Wave In the Ocean

a waveI wrote this yesterday, under the stress of extreme disagreements…. but under the power of a Love greater.

A Wave In the Ocean

I was born a wave in the ocean,
blown by every direction – both by the current and changing weather.
And the boats they came into my waters…
Yelling fragments of truths mixed with fragments of fiction
They see one thing and I took their word for it,
Depending on the Capitans to lead me to the facts.

And they had their megaphones blasting,
They had orange and red lights flashing –
So, I thought, to myself
“Well, the loudest and brightest ships in the sea, they must be right”
but the Truth is harder than I ever expected…

At the moment when this whole ocean seemed ready to dry up
I saw a tiny wooden vessel, with a small wooden cross etched into it’s sea-battered stern
The tiny flag up on top of the ship was white surrounded by gold…
And there was a man with stains on his hands,
wrestling with the lanyard.
He saw my eyes searching for His and quickly put those sails right where they belonged.
Gently riding right into me, His blood trailing into my dark waters

He said
“Daughter, I’ve watched you the entirety of your life
And you struggled so well, and fought so brave,
but I have a secret and it was meant just for you.
My love is larger than what those other Captians have told you.
And my back is stronger than the ones you were depending on.
So, let this blood behind my ship merge into your waters, again
Let my Grace strengthen you up…
Now hold on, child. There’s going to be a war to fight –
There’s going to be tidal waves, bigger than you…
but I will be there. And I will guide you.
So, let them rage, but don’t let it affect you.
For you were born to lead the broken and the “wicked”
You were born to love like I love…
You were born to love like I love…”

Maybe I was born to be a wave in the ocean,
tossed back and forth, but still completely free.
So, don’t harden minds to what you cannot see.
Instead remember the Grace that He said was Thee.


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