Christians Who Aren’t Christians?

i am sorry

I would love to apologize for the countless number of “Christians” who have hurt the queer community. Being pansexual myself, I know the struggle – believe me.

I a 27 years old. I am a woman who happens to being marrying another woman this month! I discovered the term “pansexual” when I was about 16 years young. I instantly knew, man, that is me spot on. And I have since called myself this term. I have always, never in anyway, cared about what a person has under their clothing. That doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is their spirit, who they are as a person.

Anyway, I was raised by those type of Christians who basically quote all the thundering, angry bible verses at you… You know which type I mean “homosexuality is an abomination” (they say)… Well, first of all that’s not the Bible you’re quoting there…. The word homosexual wasn’t even in USE in the Bible until the 1940’s, so yeah. Go head and keep quoting. It also says eating shrimp is an abomination, and it says it far more times than the homosexual thing.. Which, as I stated, it doesn’t really say.

I’m trying not to rant, I swear I am… It is difficult, being raised and taught to feel guilty about something that was never my choice to begin with. I really am incredibly glad that the G-d I serve is not actually the one pertained by the ones who are the loudest. And if you’ll let me, I’ll tell you why I feel so comfortable marrying the one I was meant for….

(read more. tomorrow’s post!)


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