Experimenting Is Wrong

why I disagree with “experimenting” to find your sexual identity –
easy. you shouldn’t have to question WHAT and WHO you are!!!!!
you should just know.

AND, I really DON’T encourage queer people who tell other people “You just don’t know yet, because you never tried….”
What are we? 4? This isn’t about liking horses or liking elephants, this is your sexual orientation. don’t do that. you make the rest of us queer people look like morons.




3 thoughts on “Experimenting Is Wrong

  1. While I understand your concern about the indecisiveness of some queer people making nonqueer folk question the legitimacy of our queer identities, I have to respectfully disagree with your feelings about people who are questioning.

    Like myself, many other queer folks don’t realize they are either transgender or bisexual until later in life, and if we don’t question, how will we ever figured out who we truly are? Not everyone is born Knowing their sexual orientation or gender identity. Does that mean it changed ? Not necessarily; it very well might have been there all along, we just weren’t conscious of it. But the questioning is an essential step to get to full self awareness.

    That’s why many queer people advocate the second ‘Q’ in LGBTQQIA, because it represents those people who are still on the journey to figure out who they are.


    • I value your opinion, even if I don’t 100% agree… by this post I was speaking of gay individuals who challenge people who know they are straight. if they are legitimately questioning what sexuality they are, it actually doesn’t apply. I just don’t like ignorance and people who try to change other people who have already made up their mind on what their sexuality actually is. ❤

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