Just yesterday I changed my profile photo on Facebook. It was me and my girlfriend kissing while she held my sign “Hate is Not Holy” up for the Westboro Baptist Church to read who was picketing a local church.

Boy, did that start a whirlwind of comments from well-meaning and misguided friends as well as beautifully loving ones. It saddens me that so many Christians don’t realize that what they are saying is not only hurtful, it is actually hurtful to G-d. G-d wants us to love, to love above anything else. So, how can repeating your opinion on what G-d wants out of life, about someone going to hell for being who they are, be love?

Oh, ignorant and well-meaning family, you will never read this. and that is absolutely fine. You don’t have to. The whole meaning of this post is for me. To clear my head. I will continue to be scarred by friends and/or family

and lifted up by the few who love me as I love them.



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